Infrastructural Projects- Stadium Gallery

Civil Work : In-house
Structural Steel : In-house and Subcontracted
Road Works : All works in-house, except Asphalt works
Project Location :Al Ahli Stadium, Fujairah
Client : Department of Economics, Fujairah
Consultant : In-house
Project Cost : AED 4.0 Mln.
Completed in : In 2013

The Stadium Gallery with LED Display Screen mounted on a Steel tower was constructed for the Al Ahli Club through the Department of Economics (Fujairah Govt). The facility is constructed over Isolated footings carrying a heavy Steel Framed Structure which support the Precast RCC beam steps.

Proper conventional RCC Service rooms, offices and toilet facilities have been constructed in the area below the steps is

The stadium has a seating capacity of 3,300 seats and was constructed in a record time of 80 days.