Aluminium Projects


Aluminium Work : In-house designed & manufactured Façade, Doors & Windows
Fabrication : In-house
Installation : In-house
Project Location : Al Sharia-1, Fujairah.
Client : Abdullah Saeed Khalaf Mohammed Al Yamahi
Main Contractor : FNCT
Consultant :Talal Nawfal
Project Cost : AED 2.5 Mln.
Completed in : 2014

G+2M+8 Typ+5 Office / Commercial Building also known as ACRON Building and located at AL Sharia -1, Fujairah , is spread over 8000 Sqm,. The building is provided with 4 sided structural and glazed, (stick curtain walling) at the front elevation extending slightly towards the right elevation. The building is also fully clad with aluminium cladding. Decorative bull nose composite panel frame crosses the cladding & curtain wall at every floors. Also 4mm thick Alubond composite panel with 50mm Rockwool insulation is provided behind the composite panel. Additionally patch fittings are provided at the top corner for automatic (Air tight) door at ground floor. There are also projection windows, Doors, Louvers, Decorative Aluminium hollow boxes for sunshade, Steel and Aluminium railing, SUS column cladding, A clad canopy double glazed glass.